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Modelling & Detailing

We believe that Modelling & Detailing Services require knowledge of location specific industry standards combined with an innovative approach & an extensive design experience.

Computer generated design and modelling have become standard practice in engineeringheavy industries; 3D and 2D designs are strategic tools for any organization operating in the engineering domain. Modelling and detailing of complex products can prove to be a
time consuming and cumbersome.

At ThinkNotch, we offer high-quality modelling and detailing services to our clients. Webelieve in delivering intelligent 3D models with detailed and reliable information that make complex data streams intelligent and context rich. Our modelling and detailing solutions enhance design coordination, management, and inspection of assets. Our accurate designs shorten the investment of time and minimize operational and material waste. Our services are widely utilised in oil and gas, automobile, consumer appliances, design & engineering services, industrial components and heavy equipment. We support our clients in conceptual, preliminary and detailed design projects. We adhere to international quality standards thereby delivering quick turnaround times and cost
savings to clients.

Design & Development

Product design entails designing parts and assemblies of various machines. It is crucial for the development of tools, components, and structures which are integral parts of Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical, Construction and Power sectors.

Product design combines the understanding of core mechanicals and materials with the design process aided by the knowledge of manufacturing technologies and engineering principles. It helps in faster innovation and delivers value addition to a company’s Research & Development initiatives.

At ThinkNotch, we provide optimised design solutions for any mechanical product, enhancing the product while maintaining the original vision. Our product design services are rendered by expert professionals with vast experience in this domain. Our engineers work on design optimisation using iterative processes for conceptualisation, preparation of design requirements, detailed design drawings and production planning.

Integrated product teams from various divisions collaborate to develop engineering solutions for product design and drawings. We provide support throughout the project life cycle – from the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) stage to installation

Product Engineering

Product engineering is a discipline which drives product innovation and manages product development right from its ideation stage to its realisation. A right partner with strong capabilities in engineering and thorough domain knowledge combined with robust product engineering framework can shorten product development lifecycle and help produce innovative products.

At ThinkNotch, we offer multi-disciplinary product engineering services & solutions across industry verticals to accelerate product development. We partner with our clients to integrate strategy with our design, user research, and engineering teams throughout the various stages of product development.

We use CAE [Computer Aided Engineering] to replicate the real world to a virtual world for affordable and faster product development. Our collaboration includes seamless blending with the in-house team to facilitate revolutionary product and engineering transformation across industries.

Our team optimises design solutions using predictive engineering. We offer detailed technical and functional analysis required for developing critical engineering equipment used in Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Power and Heavy Engineering.

Simulation / FEA

Simulation Analysis is crucial in diagnosing a piece of machinery to provide fast and accurate data gathering pertaining to the product. It ensures that the product’s mechanical design meets the desired requirement.

At ThinkNotch, we perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure structural integrity, performance, and reliability of the product. FEA is based on the idea that a solution to any complex engineering problem can be reached by subdividing the problem into smaller,
more manageable elements.

FEA is a computer-based analysis which calculates variations of e.g. temperature or stress in a product by dividing it into small parts with no spaces in between. Finite Element Stress Analysis is particularly important for mechanical products that are subjected to high forces and for mechanical parts that must be designed to provide very specific functionalities. Performing Finite Element Stress Analysis early in the design process ensures reduction in overall design costs, reduction in the number of design iterations and shorter marketing time.

Value Engineering

Value engineering effectively reduces costs related to engineering design & development. ThinkNotch utilises systematic technical analysis to evaluate the required processes in product development to derive cost benefits while retaining functionality of the various equipment components.

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