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Mechanical Design, also called Machine design is one of the broadest and most important engineering disciplines. Mechanical Design is designing parts and assemblies of various machines. It is crucial for the development of tools, components, and structures which are integral parts of aerospace, automotive, biomedical, chemical, construction, environmental, and power-generation industries, among others.  It combines the understanding of core mechanicals and materials with the design process aided by the knowledge of manufacturing technologies and engineering principles. It helps in faster innovation and fetches more value to a company’s Research & Development budget.

At ThinkNotch, we offer Mechanical design solutions which improve your R&D and helps in maximizing productivity to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. We provide perfect designs for any mechanical product, enhancing the product while maintaining the original vision. Our mechanical design services are rendered by expert professionals who come with vast experience in this domain. Our expertise in mechanism development and proof of principle modeling and prototyping drives the iterative process of product design to successful completion.